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  • Through knowledge and enormous experience are the key to any Automated NDT System. We offer online/off-line NDT Systems under supervision of our principals who are world leaders in their respective field. The process start from identifying the appropriate NDT Technique, codes, inspection speed, end customer requirement, budget etc. Based on above information our objective is to offer robust and cost effective system.

    We offer complete line of manual and automated ultrasonic scanning systems from M/s. TecScan, Canada.

    Our systems range from small hand-held scanners to large automated in-line manufacturing systems, from UT Phased Array immersion scanners and tanks to large Squirter Gantry Systems. We provide high-precision ultrasonic immersion scanners designed for high performance and demanding 3D scanning applications especially for composite aerospace structures.

    We offer a variety of accessories that can increase the productivity of your NDT scanning systems, such as Gimbal / Gimbal & Swivel / Gimbal assemblies, Turn-Tables, Bar Stock Indexers, etc. These accessories can be added to new testing equipment or to existing NDT scanners as an upgrade.

    We also offers you the possibility of retrofitting an existing NDT system, this is a cost effective method of updating your equipment.

    In general, x-ray technology can be used for all kinds of materials. The quality of what can be seen is just a question of maximum used x-ray voltage and resolution of the imaging sensor. x-ray testing either takes place as mobile version “outdoor” or as stationary version in x-ray cabins or x-ray rooms.

    X-ray cabins are lead shielded enclosures. The walls consist of a steel-lead-steel mixture. The thickness of lead defines the maximum admissible x-ray voltage. Most common cabins are those with a voltage of up to 320 KV. For voltages above 320 KV, usually x-ray rooms are used instead. We offer a series of x-ray cabins/cabinets from M/s. VisiConsult, Germany depending on the budget and applications.

    X-ray rooms are massive rooms made from specially shielding concrete (e.g. barite concrete). Access to these rooms is possible through a lead shielded sliding door or a labyrinth. Disadvantage of such rooms is that they require quite a lot of space and the building material is preset.