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  • Conductivity MeterConductivity Meter
    Conductivity meter

    The SigmaCheck Eddy Current (ET) Conductivity Meter is designed to provide the user with fast & accurate conductivity measurements at a reasonable price. The SigmaCheck meets the requirements for conductivity measurements in the Aircraft manufacture & maintenance fields where conductivity measurements are used to verify proper alloy/temper or detect heat damaged components. The SigmaCheck is also useful to determine the purity of precious metals (counterfeit detection) such as gold bullion and coins.

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    Eddy Current Flaw Detector

    The AeroCheck has been targeted for the exacting needs of the aerospace industry. Common areas on an airplane that can be inspected with the AeroCheck include wheel brakes, wheels & landing gear, fasteners & fastener holes, engine mounts, fuselage, wing surface & hinges, bulkheads, tail plane, door access points, window frames, engine blades & engine discs.

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    Probes, Cables & Calibration Blocks
    Probes, Cables & Calibration Blocks

    ETher NDE offer a wide range of Standard Eddy Current (ECT) Probes, Cables & Calibration Blocks including:

    • Pencil Probes
    • Thread Inspection Probes
    • Broad Band Probes
    • Rotating Probes
    • Weld Probes
    • Internal Diameter (ID) Probes
    • Surface Inspection Probes
    • Encircling Probes
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    Aircraft Wheel Inspection System
    veescan with screen

    Veescan H is ideal for all aircraft wheel inspection and is designed to lift the wheel and fix it with an automatic adaptor that uses the wheel inertia to centre it. Veescan H offers an integrated roller tray for easy manoeuvrability and integration into a conveyor system and can test wheels up to 900mm diameter.

    The Veescan H is designed with an adjustable-height Control Panel for operator comfort and can be positioned at a convenient distance from the main machine. Open on three sides, the Veescan H offers easy wheel loading as standard.

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