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  • Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT)

    EMAT technology is an ultrasonic testing method that differs from the traditional piezoelectric transducers in the way the sound is generated. An EMAT consists of a magnet & a coil of wire and relies on electromagnetic acoustic interaction for elastic wave generation. Using Lorentz forces & magnetostriction, the EMAT & the metal test surface interact & generate an acoustic wave within the material. The material being inspected is its own transducer, eliminating the need for liquid couplant.
    Innerspec provides ultrasonic solutions that require high-power ultrasonic instrumentation, non-contact techniques, or customized integrations. The products they offer include both integrated and portable systems that utilize non-contact EMAT & dry-coupled piezoelectric transducers.

    Integrated Systems

    Inspection systems that use EMAT and multitechnique solutions for weld, volumetric, surface & near-surface inspections as well as measurements of thickness, distances & material properties.

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    High-Power Ultrasonic Instrumentation

    Portable & semi-portable instrumentation under the temate PowerBox brand. EMAT & dry-coupled piezoelectric systems available with up to 20kW of power per channel.

    EMAT & DCUT (Dry-Coupled UT) Sensors & Accessories

    Innerspec offers a great variety of standard and custom EMAT & DCUT (Dry-Coupled UT) sensors & accessories