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  • Film Viewers
    Salient Features:
    • Four Models to Choose – Desk Top or Portable
    • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel/Aluminium Body
    • View Film Density up to 4.5 D
    • High Power LED’s
    • Built-in Writing Lamp for Desktop Models
    • Foot Switch Control
    • Electronic Brightness Control
    • AS per ASTM 1390
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    Rhythm 5D is equipped with unique digital measuring technique for optimum accuracy and finest reliability. The build and handheld design are portable so as to give a flexible measuring environment whereas the rechargeable batteries give the most effective energy usage and reusability.
    Rhythm 5D is designed to self-calibrate on any illumination range so as to achieve finest accuracy and stability for reading density. The instrument has a flexible probe sensor to measure the illumination pinpointed on a wide area. Continuous Refresh Rate , so no need of Read Button for measurement. This instrument is capable of recharging through a USB-A port (mini).

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    Lead Marking Tapes

    Lead Numbers, Letters, Arrows

    Lead Storage Box


    Lead Screens

    PVC Cassettes


    Cranking Unit

    Yellow Chalk & Leucoplast/White Masking Tape

    Permanent Magnets

    Lead Apron/Gloves

    Radiation Warning Signs

    Radiographic Exposure Calculator

    Cee Vee Tongs & Lead Shots

    Lead Pots

    Dosimeter & Charger

    Radiation Survey Meter

    Zone Monitor

    Dark Room Safe Light


    Hangers, Spools & Clips

    Film Cutter

    Stainless Steel Tanks

    Manual Processing Tanks

    Film Drying Cabinets