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  • Portable, Mobile & Stationary X-Ray Machinebalteau ndt

    Balteau is known for its unique, unequalled engineering & manufacturing of industrial x-ray machines for about 100 years. Since the introduction of the first gas insulated unit by Balteau in the late 50′s, Balteau has continuously been upgrading & improving its products.

    Balteau offering include BALTOSPOT series of portable x-ray machines for site (directional) & crawlers (panoramic), BALTOGRAPH series of stationary & mobile x-ray machines.

    Computer Radiography (CR) ScannersSignal NDT

    The CR scanners offered by Signal NDT are flat bed as opposed to traditional drum based scanner, which increases the life of the imaging plates drastically. They are designed for harsh industrial environments whilst incorporate the latest digital technology which delivers full 16 bit performance at a 25 micron resolution.

    Signal NDT Scanners can scan round, square or rectangle imaging plates; literally any size up to a 14″x17″ format (special scanner upto 51″ are also available).

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    Digital/Direct Radiography (DR) Systems

    Digital Radiography refers to an X-ray Imaging method that uses digital X-ray sensors (also known as DDAs – Digital Detector Array or Imagers) to produce a digital image rather than using traditional film or phosphor imaging plates.

    The portable DR systems offered by Vidisco are light weight, robust & easy to use in harsh industrial environments. Today, Vidisco offers 4 types of digital Flat Panel Based systems: The Alpha Pro, SparX Pro, RayzorX Pro & the Bolt 6K. These systems provide high performance with high resolution & excellent dynamic range and can also be used with any x-ray sources on the market as well as with radioisotopes such as Ir-192, Se-75.

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    Laser Film Digitizer

    Array’s 2905 laser film Digitizer is the equipment of choice for users who demand the highest image quality for non-destructive test & examination radiographs. Using precise optics & a helium neon laser, the 2905 captures your industrial radiographs with speed, accuracy and reliability.

    The 2905 film digitizer is designed to deliver the highest possible image quality combined with extremely fast scanning. In as little as 7 seconds a 14 X 17 inch film can be digitized at 2k resolution. The 2905 film digitizer can be used with a range of software products to achieve a full integration with your current systems or to provide a powerful stand-alone system.

    Automatic Film Dryer

    We offer Colenta 37 NDT dryer for drying manually processed film. Film is passed through a wetting agent (with auto top-up) before entering a warm air dryer, with variable speed control and 2 dryer heat options. These two features combine to provide good drying results & allow the dryer to perform well in the many varied environmental conditions

    Film sizes to be used:

    – max. width 35 cm

    – min. width 10 cm

    – min. length 10 cm Drying capacity:

    – min. 15 cm/min (320 sec) dry to dry / – max. 45 cm/min (108 sec) dry to dry

    Automatic Film Processor

    We offer Colenta INDX900E which is a conventional table top darkroom processor with a production speed of 13 cm/ min. at a standard processing cycle of 8 minutes. It is a fully automatic “dry to dry” system in a modern design with small dimensions and a light weight, ideally suited for customers wanting a fully automatic processor for low capacity & varied production needs at an affordable price that provides a consistent high quality processed film with totally reliability.