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  • Agilios – Pan & Tilt Push Camera Systems 
    • Extremely robust and splash-proof for the use under harsh conditions
    • Easy transport through large all-terrain wheels
    • Operation in vertical and horizontal position of the coiler possible
    • Integrated racks for two exchange batteries
    • Flexible push rod
    • Meter counter
    • Reel brake
    • Rotatable and pivoting control panel mounting for flexible adjustment of the control panels
    • Reflectors for greater visibility for inspection work in nocturnal traffic
    Rovion. One system – all options!
    • Powerful six-wheel drive (steerable)
    • Crawler wheels for all surface conditions
    • Constant monitoring by pitch and roll sensor
    • Constant monitoring of the internal pressure and temperature
    • Integrated back eye camera
    • Optional automatic elevator
    • Optional carrier
    • Optional auxiliary light
    • Optionally available as EX version for explosive atmosphere
    • Reflectors for greater visibility for inspection work in nocturnal traffic
    QuickView – Large range with High-Precision focus for Low Budgets
    • Control/view/record from a touchscreen tablet app.
    • Swappable, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
    • A rugged, waterproof roller case
    • Wireless digital viewer and recorder
    • Collapsible Carbon fibre pole
    • Adjusting view centring
    • Safety vest and joystick controls
    • Manhole-viewing option
    • Illumination intensity upto 400 lux @60.96 m
    • Illumination type axially aligned or offset
    • View range up to 121.92 m
    • Reflectors for greater visibility for inspection work in nocturnal traffic
    Low Cost Push Rod Camera 
    push rod

    We offer low cost push rod & manhole camera from M/s. Ritec Rohr-Inspektionstechnik GmbH, Germany. The push rod cameras are available in three models.

    Model Ideal for ID Maximum Cable Length
    RI 1320 SLC 15mm to 40mm 20 meter
    RI 2020 SLC 25mm to 80 mm 25 meter
    RI 25SLC 50mm to 150mm 25 meter
    Snake Eye III 
    Snake Eye III

    SnakeEye is a low-cost hand held remote visual inspection system. Combining a CCD camera and TFT-LCD display technology; SnakeEye delivers crystal-clear full color images, which can be stored on a removable card. The SnakeEye also includes an audio function. SnakeEye is modular in design so that it can be easily configured to inspect hard to reach places. SnakeEye is ideal for quick, non-destructive, qualitative inspections covering wide range of applications.