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  • TesMx 200 – Gaussmeter

    Gaussmeter TesMx 200 is designed to detect residual magnetic fields present in the metallic part surfaces. These are low-intensity static fields remaining in the part after the application of a strong magnetic force on that part. It is very important to inspect these residual fields remaining in metal parts to maintain quality and safety standards. TesMx 200 provides the solution for this problem by detecting the magnetic density present in the metal accurately & precisely.

    The residual fields detected by TesMx 200 are shown in Gauss units. TesMx 200 is a simple & sturdy handheld unit which provides ease of use & flexibility of testing on-field, in laboratories, training institutes without any interruption.

    Salient Features
    • Compact and handheld
    • Compatible with axial & transverse probe
    • Clear 7 segment display for less battery consumption
    • Comes with optional reference magnets for verification
    Technical Specifications
    Measuring Range-200Gauss to +200 Gauss
    Accuracy± 6%
    Repeatability± 0.1 Gauss
    Warm-Up Timenone
    Power Requirements9V alkaline Battery
    Battery Life24 Hours Continuous
    Dimensions (TesMx 200)L- 145 mm W- 80 mm H- 38.5 mm
    WeightWeight Gross 0.88lbs (400g)
    Probe Length1meter cable +14cm probe
    Kit Contains
    • Gaussmeter main Unit
    • Hall Effect Sensor probe (Axial or Transverse)
    • Operating Manual
    • Reference magnets (optional)
    • Carrying case