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  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
    Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

    Sonatest range of ultrasonic flaw detectors comprises of just four models the Sitescan 500S & D-50 offering entry level broadband UT performance & the Masterscan 700S & the D-70 providing the highest specification to the market including 8 filter settings from 100kHz to 22MHz, with 100-450V square wave transmitter and 20-meter range. .

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    TOFD & Phased Array Equipment’s

    The VEO+ and Prisma phased array ultrasonic flaw detector reinforces Sonatest’s reputation for innovative technician focused product development. The simple controls, superior performance, advanced features and rugged enclosure delivers simplicity, capability and reliability to the technician’s fingertips

    Prisma is two channel advanced flaw detector which can be upgraded to include TOFD and phased array capability.

    Wheel Probe 2
    Wheel Probe 2

    Sonatest patented wheel probe is ideally suited for hand scanning of large flat or slightly curved parts, covering large areas quickly & efficiently.

    Wheel Probe feature a wide conformable rubber tyre which is acoustically matched to water, providing low loss coupling into the test part for high quality results without the need for gel or large quantities of water.

    TOFD & Phased Array

    VEO+ is available in four versions i.e. 16:64 PR, 32:64 PR, 16:128 PR or 32:128 PR. Along with Xpair cloud remote access and export to CSV, the FMC-TFM gives access to FMC recording of the acoustic information, and TFM imaging phased array probe.

    The ability to upgrade this equipment in field makes the Prisma and VEO+ unique and less capital intensive.

    Phased Array Probes
    Phased Array Probes-sonatest

    The X-Series range of phased array probes have an integral 2.5 metre cable and IPEX connector. The range is compatible with the the Sonatest VEO series and other leading phased array equipment. The X-Series offers the operator a broader choice in range and frequencies; together with the assurance of industry standard configurations.
    X1 Series – Miniature & Sub-Miniature PA Probes
    X2 Series – General Purpose PA Probes
    X3 Series – Long Array Probes for Electronic Scanning
    X4 Series – Miniature Phased Array Probes with Integral Wedge
    X5 Series – Medium Phased Array Probes – AWS, High Temperature & Deep Penetration

    Manual & Motorized Scanners
    Phoenix Inspection Systems

    Phoenix offers a range of manual, semi-automated & fully automated scanners, suitable for weld testing of small bore pipes of any material to bigger diameter steel pipes. It can hold number of transducers based on the type of scanners. It can be used for phased array, TOFD, single element. It also features magnetic wheels.

    TOFD Probes & Wedges

    TOFD transducers and wedges generate refracted longitudinal waves in steel. These highly damped longitudinal wave probes provide a high resolution and performance.

    Phoenix manufactures a wide range of composite and non-composite TOFD transducers of varying crystal diameters from 2MHz to 15MHz and frequencies ranging from approximately 3.1mm to 20mm. They are for use with the Phoenix range of TOFD wedges.

    Flexible Probes

    Flex transducers are thin, compliant ultrasonic probes that can conform to curved surfaces using fingertip pressure. This enables them to be used on non-flat components to provide improved ultrasound transmission compared to standard hard faced transducers. Flex transducers are made of a thin but durable piezo-electric material that is soft enough to bend and can be shaped to suit curved geometry. By using a soft backing layer, the flexibility of the crystal is retained. The Flex series are available as single element and dual element formats.

    Standard Flex transducers are 5MHz or 10MHz at sizes of Ø6mm, Ø10mm or Ø20mm diameter. Flex transducers are ideal for inspecting radius areas of composites and accessing complex geometries in metals, such as weld cap areas or castings. They can be used with any standard ultrasonic instrument.

    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

    Tritex NDT, UK offers multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges which significantly reduce preparation time as they eliminate the need to remove surface coatings. Tritex offers general purpose gauges (MG5500, MG5600 & MG5700) to specialized gauges for GRP (MG5300), for under water (MG3000 & MG4000) to drone gauge (MG6000).

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    Pulsers / Receivers

    JSR Ultrasonics offers a complete range of high frequency pulser / receivers. The PRC50 is a versatile single channel Pulser Receiver on a half-length PCI card. The DPR300 is a computer controlled ultrasonic pulser / receiver with an extremely low noise receiver. The DPR500 DUAL Pulser / Receiver is the first dual channel, modular instrument consisting of two complete pulser / receivers integrated into one unit.

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    Air-Coupled Ultrasonic System

    AIRSCAN is a non-contact air-coupled ultrasonic inspection technique which differs from conventional water-immersion testing, water-jet testing & dry-coupled testing by using air as the acoustic coupling media between the transducers & the part under test. For most practical applications, AIRSCAN is a through-transmission technique, whereby two transducers are used in the process: one transmitter & one receiver. The transducers are located in a fixed relationship to one another with the test piece between them.

    RTD Probes

    RTD Probes are well known in the nuclear industry for inspection of critical weld areas in pipes and pressure vessels. The realm of applications for these transducers is extensive: inspection of coarse grain austenitic steel, location of under cladding cracks, detection and sizing of IGSCC (Intergranular Stress-Corrosion Cracking), automated scanning of pipe and pressure vessels, and continuous high temperature applications.

    Ultrasonic Probes/Transducers

    Ultrasonic probe/transducer is the heart of any ultrasonic test. Inappropriate transducer selection or a poorly manufactured or malfunctioning transducer can severely affect test results regardless of instrumentation capability. We offer a full line of standard and special transducers.

    General Purpose Probes

    We manufacture full range of general purpose probes like straight beam, angle beam and TR probes. These probes are available in 2 or 4 MHz and the customers can choose from either Lemo or BNC female connectors on the probe side.

    Delay Line Probes

    We offer a complete line of high resolution; highly damped delay line probes both with fixed and removable delays. These delay line transducers are recommended for inspection of thin materials, near surface flaw detection and thickness gauging of thin materials. These transducers are also available with high temperature options.

    Immersion Transducers
    Immersion Probes

    We offer immersion transducers that are specifically designed to operate in an immersion tank or with bubbler/squirter systems. They are usually manufactured with UHF waterproof connectors and can be designed with flat or focused lenses. All immersion transducers are offered in high resolution, general purpose and high sensitivity.


    We offer full range of ultrasonic testing cables. These cables are manufactured with reinforced junctions between the cable & the connector. Cables are available in single, dual with Lemo, Mini Lemo, BNC, Microdot or Subvis connector. We can also offer customized cable depending upon your needs or application.

    High temperature Probes

    High temperature probes allow more rapid and cost effective testing by removing the need to cool surfaces in advance. The Phoenix high temperature range has a variety of transducers designed to perform reliably on surfaces at temperatures from 80˚C to 200˚ C

    Calibration Blocks

    We offer a complete range of standard & custom ultrasonic reference standards (also referred to as test blocks or calibration blocks). All the reference standards are made from metal stocks that have been ultrasonically inspected prior to fabrication.

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    We manufacture FlawGel series of general purpose ultrasonic couplant which is offered in 500ml dispenser or in powder form. We also offer specialized couplants like higher temperature, shear wave, low sulphur etc.